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House Van Meerten

Welcome to Huis Van Meerten. You step into a real "Gesamtkunstwerk" here. The house was a joint project of Lambert van Meerten, Adolf le Comte, Jan Schouten and Leonard Couvée. They designed the architecture and the interior. But the collection of building fragments, Delft pottery and furniture by Van Meerten also found a place here. Take your time, there is a lot to discover here.

Van Meerten

Collecting rage
Lambert van Meerten was an enthusiastic collector of building fragments, Delft pottery and furniture with an extraordinary interest in the Golden Age. His collection grew to such an extent that he built his own house for his collection. He collected building fragments for inspiration, to study but also to enjoy. Lambert and his sister Dina surrounded themselves at home with the objects Lambert had collected during his lifetime.

The house consists of two parts: at the front the rooms where Lambert received his guests and where the most important part of his collection was displayed. At the rear side of the house were the family rooms, such as his sister Dina's living room and his own study room.

Van Meerten

A nineteenth-century house with a seventeenth-century appearance
Old building fragments have been incorporated everywhere in the interior: consoles, carvings, box beds, tile pictures and fireplaces. This was combined with panelling, mosaic floors and stained glass. Lambert van Meerten clearly did not hide his great love for applied art. Yet there was also room for modernities.

The house was equipped with modern comfort such as underfloor heating, gas light and electricity, which was special at that time. Check out the impressive vault. When it's closed, it's hard to find, but once open, it's just as good as a modern walk-in closet. Feel free to enter.

Van Meerten

Living in a Museum
It was clear from the start that this house and Van Meerten's collection would be open to the public. Lambert wanted craftsmen, artists and students to come and learn about the arts and crafts of the past. They could gain knowledge and inspiration there. The large hall provided space for lectures, performances and concerts. The Old Dutch Room was furnished as a period room.

Lambert van Meerten unfortunately went bankrupt in 1902 and large parts of his collection were auctioned. Thanks to a group of friends, the collection was partly preserved. Neverthelssd his house became a museum and place of inspiration, with Adolf le Comte as its first director.

Opening hours

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 11:00 - 17:00

During opening hours, please call 06 - 82066849, for questions about the museum house.

Entrance fees

Adults €9

Visitors aged 12 – 18 years €5

Students € 5

Visitors aged under 12 free


Visiting address

House Van Meerten - Oude Delft 199 - 2611 HD Delft


This museum house works with time-slots. Please reserve a time slot

Museum house Van Meerten is not accessible for visitors in a wheelchair