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House Van Ravesteyn

Railway architect Sybold Van Ravesteyn, designed for himself this detached house with wavy lines and curly shapes in 1932. Come and see it, or come and stay. You can do both!

Van Ravesteyn

Van Ravesteyn wanted to build a house with modest means in which it was pleasant to live and work. He experimented with wavy lines and curly shapes. Completely against the principles of the New Building, whose members could not always appreciate his exuberance and love for ornaments. Many of his designs did not escape the demolition hammer. Fortunately, this gem has been preserved for us.

Van Ravesteyn combined different functions in one room. That was very progressive at the time. The living room occupies one large space where the living, dining and working areas are located. The boundaries are only indicated by lines on the floor and ceiling. The work corner has a lowered light sky because Van Ravesteyn mainly worked here in the evenings. Special is also the fixed furniture in the room.

Van Ravesteyn

From necessity to virtue
Sybold van Ravesteyn used a triangular plot that remained after a contractor had realized a row of traditional thirties houses. On the tapered piece of land no longer fit a standard house. But the architect knew how to handle that. The yellow bricks of his house were discards from the Railways, where Sybold worked.

The kitchen is also a lovely place. Stand at the counter and look into the garden, let your thoughts run free. Could you live here? Or better yet, take a seat at the table and enjoy the cheese biscuits that Van Ravesteyn always liked so much. Served by the special hatch between the kitchen and the dining area.

Van Ravesteyn

Round lines
Round lines and pastel shades characterize House Van Ravesteyn. This house is a stubborn variant of the choice of form of his fellow architects who used the straight line. Sybold van Ravesteyn was especially fond of graceful round lines.

In this house you get a unique insight into the life of the progressive and idiosyncratic architect. From ceilings decorated with curved slats to rectangular windows with circular windows and tables and cabinets with wavy contours.

Practical matters were also considered; for example, the handy hatch between the kitchen and the dining area is concealed in a cupboard wall. And also look at the raised edge of his work desk. He ensures that his pencils do not fall off the table. For that he must have gained inspiration on the train.

Opening hours

Friday 13:00 - 17:00

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 11:00 - 17:00

During opening hours, please call 06 82066212, for questions about the museum house.

Entrance fees

Adults €7

Visitors aged 12 – 18 years €5

Students € 5

Visitors aged under 12 free


Visiting address

House Van Ravesteyn - Prins Hendriklaan 112 - 3584 ES Utrecht


This museum house works with time-slots. Please reserve a time slot

Museum house Van Ravesteyn Bartolotti is not easily accessible for visitors in a wheelchair