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House Van Eysinga

A mansion built by one of the most significant men in the eighteenth century. There, of course, you expect splendor. But do you also take a look at the rooms of the staff? And why was the house empty for a long time? Meet the Van Eysinga family, ring the bell and be surprised!

Van Eysinga

The domain of the guests
Most of the year the Van Eysinga family lived in their country house on the countryside. But in the winter months, the town house on the Koningsstraat was their home. Here the lord-of-the-house, Frans Julius Johan van Eysinga, subdistrict court judge of Doniawerstal and member of the Provincial States of Friesland, sat close to the fire. And also close to the Chancellery and the Landscape House where important decisions were made. 

In the winter, a lot of time was spent with guests in the chic hall and reception rooms. That wasn't just for fun. During the receptions, the host showed how influential he was and it was important for the guests to be seen. There was, even then, plenty of networking.

Van Eysinga

The domain of the staff members
The kitchen and the cleaning room... this is the domain of the staff of the Van Eysinga family. They worked hard here.
Sometimes it seems as if you can still smell the wax in the cleaning room and hear the servants walking through the house.

The domain of the family
In the back of the house you will find the rooms where the Van Eysinga family came home every day. In this room there is a more homely atmosphere. Was the family sitting around the table to play a game? Was the day discussed here? Where is the couch to plop down on?

Van Eysinga

A staircase back in time
If you look at the styles of the stairs, you will see that they are all constructed in the same way. A vase as a base, on top of it a pillar, then a medallion, and on top of a bow where tassels dangle from it.

Does it remind you of anything? Right, Classical Antiquity. These forms are typical of neoclassicism; and therefore entirely according to the latest fashion of that time.

Van Eysinga

About dimes and quarters
In the painting it is immediately clear: the Van Eysinga family is of nobility. We see three generations in the picture. Grandpa holds his grandson Schelto protectively. Not for nothing, because he is the chieftain. The continuation of the noble family with all the influence and privileges that came with it: that's what it was all about. The patriots rebelled against this status quo. What do you think? If you were born for a dime, will you ever become a quarter?

If you walk to the dressing room, you can use the bell to ask for assistance. What do you think, does that wig of the lord of the house fit you too?

Opening hours

Wednesday 10:30 - 16:30

Thursday 10:30 - 16:30

Friday 10:30 - 16:30

Saturday 10:30 - 16:30

Sunday 10:30 - 16:30

During opening hours, please call 06 39345457, for questions about the museum house.

Entrance fees

Adults €9

Visitors aged 12 – 18 years €5

Students € 5

Visitors aged under 12 free


Visiting address

House Van Eysinga - Koningsstraat 25 - 8911 KV Leeuwarden


This museum house works with time-slots. Please reserve a time slot

Museum house Van Eysinga is not accessible for visitors in a wheelchair