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House De Quack

Enter this artistic mansion in The Hague by architect and decorative artist Jan de Quack. Do you have an eye for detail? Then you can indulge yourself here. Every room in Huis De Quack is decorated with care, even the toilet door of the maid.  

De Quack

A genius solution
Renovating and expanding is of all times. This certainly applies to Huis De Quack. Jan de Quack bought the chic mansion in 1902 and extensively renovated it. He combined different architectural styles, which makes the house very special. Both from the inside and the outside.

We found gold
During the restoration of this building, we did research into the original color scheme of doors, window frames and ceilings. We also found remains of beautiful gold leaf decorations and imitations of wood and marble. We are very happy that we were also able to restore the colors to their former glory.

De Quack

Ultramodern luxury
Jan de Quack made use of the latest techniques in the transformation of his home. As an architect, he was of course aware of this, as well as of new insights into hygiene. The house has beautifully decorated fountains with running water. They were already connected to the water mains in Jan's time. You will also find a bathroom and toilets in Huis De Quack: no poo boxes as were present in older houses, but real water closets with a cistern! For us it is impossible to imagine our houses without, but at the beginning of the 20th century this was all ultramodern luxury in the Netherlands.

De Quack

There has to be a difference
The first floor of Huis De Quack was really the domain of Jan and his family. At the rear is the living room: there they dined together and daily life took place. At the front you will find the salon, which was mainly used to receive guests. Between the living room and salon you see two sliding doors with beautiful etched glass. Such a combination of two rooms with sliding doors is also called 'rooms en suite'. Very handy, because if you had many guests over, you could slide the sliding doors open to connect the salon and the living room.

De Quack

Better with the addition of decorations
De Quack had a great fondness for decorating. This is visible in the high level of finishing of his house – think of the application of gold leaf, tamped paintwork and oak and marble imitations – and in a lecture the architect gave.

In this lecture, De Quack argues that decorating ultimately had one goal, namely to improve. Any object or part of a building would be made better by the addition of decorations. At a time when many houses were built quickly and in series – one expansion district after another was built in The Hague – it was De Quack who created a quirky and unique house with a great eye for detail.

Opening hours

House De Quack is closed till 1 April 2023.

Tuesday 11:00 - 17:00

Wednesday 11:00 - 17:00

Thursday 11:00 - 17:00

During opening hours, please call 06 39345457, for questions about the museum house.

Entrance fees

Adults €7

Visitors aged 12 – 18 years €5

Students € 5

Visitors aged under 12 free


Visiting address

House De Quack - Elandstraat 12 - 2513 GR Den Haag


This museum house works with time-slots. Please reserve a time slot

House De Quack is not accessible for visitors in a wheelchair.